Isibindi is a Zulu word that means courage. It is also an innovative and life-changing model, developed in South Africa, for working with children, youth, families, and communities. While supporting young people, the Isibindi model simultaneously provides training for unemployed community members leading to accreditation and employment in child and youth care.

There is a tremendous amount for practitioners, policy makers, and politicians to learn from the Isibindi model. This interview, with Zeni Thumbadoo, is a short introduction to the program. I encourage you to look at the links below for more information about Isibindi. Zeni Thumbadoo is the Deputy Director of the National Association of Child Care Workers in South Africa, and an instrumental person in the creation of the Isibindi program. 

National Association of Child Care Workers: ISIBINDI – Creating circles of care:

The Path of Courage: (12 Min.)

The Isibindi Project: (25 Min)

 NACCW Isibindi King Williams Town: (6 Min)

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