This podcast is posted at the end of a year with a great deal of discussion about violence: violence against women, violence from police, violence towards police, torture, and war. A common factor in all these cases is that men have been responsible for most of this violence. We’ve long been aware that males are the most frequent perpetuators of violence. We also know that violence is not inevitable. Today we are discussing how to support young male children grow into emotionally healthy men.

This podcast is with a return guest, Dr. Siegi Schuler (you can listen to his last interview, on adolescents who sexual offend, from November 2013). Dr. Schuler is a Ph.D and registered clinical Social Worker. He has a particular focus and interest in men’s emotional health and well-being (from adolescence to adulthood), addressing such areas as childhood trauma, sexual violence, mental health, chemical dependency and pornography addictions, relationship and intimacy concerns, father-son/daughter –dynamics, and fathering. You can learn more about Dr Schuler at

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