This week is the sixth in our uploads from the 20th Canadian National CYC conference. Today’s episode is by Dr. Mary Ventrella & Dr. Christine Slavik. They discuss Contemplative Pedagogy and how it relates to CYC education, focusing, in particular, on the use of mindfulness-based practices.

Dr. Slavik is an Associate Professor in the Child, Youth, and Family Studies Department at the University of the Fraser Valley in BC. And Dr. Ventrella is a full-time faculty member in the CYC program at Georgian College, in Ontario.

We have done some editing in this presentation as Drs. Ventrella and Slavik had us do two meditations. We have removed the recording of the silence during these meditations. At several points, they also ask questions of the audience, most of which cannot be heard, so we have edited down these moments as well.

Thank you for listening.
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