On this Episode of #RisingYouth Salvatore speaks with Riya Mehta founder of FutureShot Factory 


This platform of websites is meant to educate students, especially young adults about the importance of combining SDG based issues with the use of technology for social good and change. The idea came to fruition when I realized that information isnt broken down properly for youth to understand, and being young myself I wanted a platform I could turn to better understand social impact goals through the lens of technology. During my years at The Knowledge Society (a teen accelerator program) I built this idea by constructing different websites, each tackling a different SDG goal by solving it with technology. Right now, I have around 3-4 active websites that discuss the importance of SDG goals with innovation, hosted on the domain futureshotfactory.com under projects. The future of this platform will contain more opportunities for youth go interact with social justice mentors to receive the help they need and design better solutions to problems.


For more information on the programs we provide please visit https://www.risingyouth.ca and https://www.tigweb.org 

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