For our season finale, we sat down and had a conversation with Samuel Ashirbekov. He is a transgender female to male and an aspiring advocate for youth in care. Samuel shares with us what it was like transitioning into his new identity while in the child welfare system. He shares the obstacles he faced before, during, and after encountering me (Chanice) in the group home we both lived in. Sam and I both lived in the same group home for a period of time and we reflect on our different experiences within the same space. In this conversation, we learn about what it is like having the system paint your identity and what are some of the current gaps when it comes to youth identifying as a part of the LGBTQ2S+ community. We hope you have enjoyed the first season and have taken something away from each conversation. We ask you to continue to support our movement and content by liking, sharing, and promoting it on your platforms. More is coming soon but until then, we hope you take care and stay safe. 


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