Sophia Yang speaks with Wolfgang about Threading Change, “a youth-led not-for-profit organization envisioning a future where fashion is ethical and circular, rooted in justice with climate, gender, and racial equity at the forefront.” In this motivating conversation Sophia discusses relationships between fashion, racism, environmental destruction, and what can be done to change these current realities.

This conversation is part of our ongoing partnership with Taking it Global


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See here for more information about Threading Change



1. Join #ClothesBusters month: Threading Change's Spring Cleaning educational campaign here to demystify and bust popular clothing myths! 

2. Threading Change is hiring! (unpaid for now, paid to start in summer)

3. Sign up for Threading Change's newsletter to get resources and stay up to date with local campaigns 



1. Join the global Fashion Revolution Week and ask: #WHOMADEMYCLOTHES? (Fashion Revolution's website also has tons of other great reading, organizing, and campaigning resources as well!)

2. Join the #PayUp movement

3. Check out Slow Factory Foundation's AMAZING Fashion Education courses for BIPOC

4. Sign the petition to end Uyghur forced labour in China



1. Blog post Sophia wrote on why we need to start Threading Change 

2. Threading Change's global launch webinar

3. How to Buy Clothes Built to Last by Kendra Pierre-Louis

4. Vox article: Why is it so hard for clothing manufacturers to pay a living wage

5. Gone Thrifting: How to Build A Better Thrifting System by Emily Stochl

6. What A Waste 2.0: A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050

7. Global Fashion Agenda's Fashion on Climate report



1. Film: Unravel 

2. The True Cost (all on Youtube for free!) 

3. Conscious Chatter 

4. Wardrobe Crisis 

5. Fashion is a great teacher

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