Hey CYC Podcast Listeners, First I would like to say thank you for welcoming the Project outsiders team on board you’re regularly schedule programming. We love all the work that has happened prior to us and we hope to continue to provide unique conversations for our listeners as we continue to make new episodes. If you haven’t yet please follow us on social media and check out Project Outsiders on Spotify to follow our new page as we have exclusive bonus content you can’t find anywhere else on there. We were suffering from some technical difficulties with our upload schedule lately but our episodes are still going to be posted on the CYC and C2Y network alongside the rising youth podcast which is finishing its second season shortly. 


We have a lot of new episodes we are sure you will love to hear and we are also in the process of developing our second season of the Project Outsiders. Please be sure to follow us on instagram, twitter, Facebook, linkedin and YouTube at project outsiders and we look forward to continuing to share the youth perspective. This is Chanice McAnuff signing out and well be back to posting this Friday!

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